Playlist 18.08.2019

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Přibližný čas Kapela Skladba
23:57 AVANTASIA Moonglow
23:50 PRIDE & GLORY Losin´ Your Mind
23:45 U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday
23:41 ACCEPT Hung, Drawn And Quartered
23:36 RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS Under The Bridge
23:33 DIRE STRAITS Walk Of Life
23:28 Nick CAVE Nature Boy
23:25 PARADISE LOST Hallowed Land
23:18 ABRAXAS Poprvé
23:11 METALLICA The End Of The Line
23:08 PRETTY MAIDS Love Game
23:00 METAL CHURCH Watch The Children Pray
22:56 KABÁT Pohoda
22:47 Steve LUKATHER Lonely Beat Of My Heart
22:43 ALESTORM Drink
22:35 Robert PLANT If I Were A Carpenter
22:30 NEONFLY This World Is Burning
22:27 BLACK SABBATH Back Street Kids
22:21 MÖTLEY CRÜE Without You
22:19 COCOTTE MINUTE Vlčí hrad
22:15 DOORS Break On Trough
22:11 Gary MOORE The Loner
22:07 GUANO APES Lords Of The Boards
20:58 Album - TUBLATANKA
20:53 DIRE STRAITS Heavy Fuel
20:50 AEROSMITH Girls Of Summer
19:56 KOVARNA 418
19:51 TŘI SESTRY Motlitba pro Partu
18:56 ELUVEITIE Breathe
18:52 TITANIC Dabelska Mumie
18:47 DEEP PURPLE Hush
18:45 ŠKWOR Síla Starejch Vín
18:41 SLAYER Black Magic
18:35 LOUDNESS Heavy Chains
18:28 RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Killing In The Name
18:24 PANTERA Walk
18:20 ALEŠ BRICHTA Budeme Rejdit
18:15 HUDBA PRAHA Časy zlý
18:10 SALAMANDRA Masters Of Rock
18:05 TRAKTOR Amygdala
18:01 SABATON Midway
18:00 HORKÝŽE SLÍŽE Emanuel Bacigala
17:53 VIXEN Cryin´
17:49 SHINEDOWN Cut the Cord
17:43 DRAGON FORCE Heart Of A Dragon
17:40 BAY CITY ROLLERS Saturday Night
17:36 TESLA The Mission
17:30 TUBLATANKA Žeravé znamenie osudu
17:25 DIRE STRAITS Money For Nothing
17:21 DEF LEPPARD Stand Up (Kick Love Into
17:16 Novinka - COHEED AND CAMBRIA
17:11 EVANESCENCE What You Want
17:06 EAGLES Life In The Fast Lane
17:03 Gary MOORE Out In The Fields
16:56 RYBIČKY 48 My ještě nejsme starý
16:51 UFO Belladonna
16:47 GHOST Rats
16:40 RAMMSTEIN Du riechst so gut
16:36 PEARL JAM I Am Mine
16:32 RAINBOW Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
16:23 U2 Mysterious Ways
16:17 13 STOLETÍ Černé slzy
16:11 JETHRO TULL Aqualung
16:06 MR. BIG Wild World
16:03 BATTLE BEAST No More Hollywood Endings
15:56 SAXON Battering Ram
15:51 NELSON I Can´t Live Without You
15:45 AVANTASIA Farewell
15:41 ARAKAIN & DYMYTRY Žít svůj sen
15:34 BOSTON Don´t Look Back
15:28 Ozzy OSBOURNE Perry Mason
15:22 WOLF Shark Attack
15:18 NAZARETH Hair Of The Dog
15:13 AEROSMITH Pink
15:08 DISTURBED No More
15:05 Ted NUGENT Dog Eat Dog
15:01 MÖTLEY CRÜE Girls, Girls, Girls
14:52 SEPULTURA Inner Self
14:46 PRETTY MAIDS Mother Of All Lies
14:42 METALLICA St. Anger
14:36 GUNS ´N´ ROSES It´s So Easy
14:31 JUDAS PRIEST You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise
14:28 RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS The Zephyr Song
14:21 Vladimír MIŠÍK Proč ta růže uvadá
14:17 BRITNY FOX Girlschool
14:13 NICKELBACK Coin for the Ferryman
14:08 Jimi HENDRIX All Along The Watchtower
14:04 ZZ TOP Sleeping Bag
14:00 DOGA Fabrika rock´n´rollu
13:52 LEE AARON Yesterday
13:50 RUSH Fly By Night
13:45 SABATON Far From The Fame
13:40 FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Blue on Black (feat. K.W. Shepherd, B. May)
13:35 DEEP PURPLE A Gypsy´ s Kiss
13:31 LOUDNESS Like Hell
13:18 ALKEHOL Pijeme s láskou
13:14 AC, DC You Shook Me All Night Long
13:10 SLIPKNOT Unsainted
13:05 KISS Cold Gin
13:02 VAN HALEN Panama
12:55 QUEEN Friends Will Be Friends
12:51 THIN LIZZY Dancing In The Moonlight
12:47 SAVAGE MESSIAH Down and Out
12:40 TRAKTOR Horizont
12:37 Joan JETT, BLACKHEARTS I Love Rock 'N' Roll
12:33 GREAT WHITE I Want You
12:30 SKWOR Celebrity
12:23 BLUE OYSTER CULT Burnin´ For You
12:19 IRON MAIDEN Holy Smoke
12:16 HALESTORM Amen
12:11 BLACK SABBATH Children Of The Grave
12:05 WALTARI The Stage
12:00 STRATOVARIUS Eagleheart
11:54 U2 Elevation
11:46 METALLICA Master Of Puppets
11:39 AVENGED SEVENFOLD Hail To The King
11:35 AEROSMITH Chip Away The Stone
11:31 MANIC STREET PREACHERS Motorcycle Emptiness
11:24 MÖTLEY CRÜE Looks That Kill
11:19 ARAKAIN Ztraty A Nalezy
11:13 Novinka - COHEED AND CAMBRIA
11:09 CHEAP TRICK Dream Police
11:06 BACKYARD BABIES 44 Undead
11:02 MANOWAR Metal Warriors
10:56 THE UNITY Close to Crazy
10:53 TUBLATANKA Hej Hej Mama
10:48 BON JOVI Never Say Goodbye
10:44 POWERWOLF Armata Strigoi
10:39 SYSTEM OF A DOWN Aerials
10:34 DAMN YANKEES Silence Is Broken
10:29 POLICE Message In A Bottle
10:20 FAITH NO MORE Evidence
10:15 DYMYTRY Dej bůh štěstí
10:10 BOSTON Hitch A Ride
10:06 JUDAS PRIEST Parental Guidance
10:02 SONATA ARCTICA I Have A Right
09:54 TOTO Mad About You
09:50 PINK FLOYD Hey You
09:45 EUROPE Halfaway To Heaven
09:41 FORREST JUMP 160628
09:36 SEETHER Here And Now
09:32 SCORPIONS Backstage Queen
09:27 HELLOWEEN Twilight Of The Gods
09:23 SURVIVOR Burning Heart
09:19 HARLEJ Na prodej
09:15 DIO Rainbow In The Dark
09:11 Tom PETTY You Don´t Know How It
09:03 JETHRO TULL Thick As A Brick Edit
09:00 GREEN DAY When I Come Around
08:53 STATUS QUO What You´re Proposin´
08:49 VAN HALEN Top Of The World
08:45 FIREWIND Mercenary Man
08:41 IRON MAIDEN Iron Maiden
08:36 Gary MOORE Over The Hills And Far
08:32 PORTA INFERI Glory
08:27 CARS Magic
08:22 Ozzy OSBOURNE S.I.N.
08:18 LORDI Blood Red Sandman
08:14 ACCEPT London Leatherboys
08:10 M Dodo DOLEŽAL, DUDE GM Karlův most
08:05 RAMMSTEIN Radio
07:58 CITRON Revizor
07:54 Bruce SPRINGSTEEN I Wanna Be With You
07:50 MONSTER TRUCK Don´t Tell Me How to Live
07:47 ALICE COOPER No More Mr Nice Guy
07:42 QUEEN Breakthru
07:37 GHOST Square Hammer
07:33 RUNNING WILD White Masque
07:25 AEROSMITH Back In The Saddle
07:21 GOTTHARD Need To Believe
07:17 ALICE Ani náhodou
07:13 SAXON 747 (Strangers In The ..
07:10 SABATON Night Witches
07:05 FAITH NO MORE A Small Victory
06:56 M OLDFIELD, R CHAPMAN Shadow On The Wall
06:51 BLACK´N BLUE Wicked Bitch
06:45 TURISAS Stand Up and Fight
06:39 JOURNEY Separate Ways
06:34 CRANBERRIES Zombie
06:27 Axel Rudi PELL Edge Of The World
06:24 ABRAXAS Země se točí dokola
06:21 KINGDOME COME You'll Never know
06:16 W.A.S.P. Crazy
06:12 CHEAP TRICK I Want You To Want Me
06:07 KERN To jsme my
06:03 RASMUS In The Shadows
05:55 AC, DC Shoot To Thrill
05:48 TESTAMENT Return To Serenity
05:39 URIAH HEEP Lady In Black
05:35 EUROPE Rock The Night
05:30 HELLOWEEN World Of Fantasy
05:24 PROGRES 2 Píseň o jablku
05:18 METALLICA Sabbra Cadabra
05:15 IN FLAMES The Truth
05:11 WHITESNAKE Fool For Your Loving
05:02 AVANTASIA Avantasia
04:58 HELIX When the Hammer Falls
04:53 DEF LEPPARD When Love And Hate Collide
04:49 MOTORBAND Král noci
04:45 NAZARETH Love Hurts
04:38 PANTERA Cemetery Gates
04:33 STRATOVARIUS Hunting High And Low
04:29 SCORPIONS Big City Nights
04:23 JUDAS PRIEST A Touch Of Evil
04:14 HEART Secret
04:06 KISS God of Thunder
04:02 ALICE COOPER Feed My Frankenstein
03:59 ANTHRAX Metal Thrashing Mad
03:54 VITACIT Noci jsou zlý
03:51 DELAIN We Are The Others
03:47 SWEET Action
03:42 DANGER DANGER Naughty Naughty
03:38 KRUCIPÜSK Rock´n´roll to není prdel
03:33 BOSTON Amanda
03:28 GUNS ´N´ ROSES You Could Be Mine
03:24 HAMMERFALL Blood Bound
03:20 HANOI ROCKS Tragedy
03:16 BON JOVI You Give Love A Bad Name
03:13 KRAUSBERRY Na Vetvi
03:07 LYNYRD SKYNYRD Sweet Home Alabama
03:05 THE OFFSPRING The Meaning of Life
03:00 BATTLE BEAST Black Ninja
02:55 TYGERS OF PAN TANG Slave To Freedom
02:51 HELLOWEEN A Little Time
02:47 Gabriela GUNČÍKOVÁ Černý anděl
02:41 BLACK SABBATH Iron Man
02:37 WINGER Seventeen
02:34 HIM Join Me In Death
02:30 BAD COMPANY Rock´N´Roll Fantasy
02:25 MIDNIGHT OIL My Country
02:22 ŠKWOR Kolikrát
02:17 SLAYER Skeletons of Society
02:12 IN FLAMES Stay with Me
02:08 AC, DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt
02:02 W.A.S.P. Wild Child
01:57 NICKELBACK Never Gonna Be Alone
01:51 RAINBOW Gates Of Babylon
01:48 TURBO Tak dej mi s tim svatek
01:44 JOURNEY All The Way
01:40 Billy IDOL White Wedding
01:36 GAMMA RAY No Return
01:30 TARJA Falling Awake
01:26 KROKUS Playin´ The Outlaw
01:22 DEF LEPPARD Two Step Behind
01:19 ALESTORM Rum
01:14 IRON MAIDEN Aces High
01:10 U2 Starring At The Sun
01:06 DYMYTRY S nadějí
01:00 BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Suicide Messiah
00:52 VISACÍ ZÁMEK Traktor
00:44 KISS Strutter
00:41 LOUDNESS Running For Cover
00:38 OFFSPRING Why Don´t You To Get
00:33 QUEEN Hammer To Fall
00:29 Lenny KRAVITZ Believe
00:23 SABATON Screaming Eagles
00:18 BUDKA SUFLERA Jolka, Jolka pamietasz
00:14 AVANTASIA Starlight (feat. R. Atkins)
00:11 JUDAS PRIEST The Green Manalishi
00:06 VAN HALEN Can´t Stop Lovin´ You
00:02 MIDNIGHT OIL Blue Sky Mine
00:00 FRANK ZAPPA Baby Snakes