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Playlist 26.05.2020

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Přibližný čas Kapela Skladba
05:35 ALICE COOPER House Of Fire
05:32 ADAMS. Bryan The Only Thing That...
05:29 DEF LEPPARD Dangerous
05:23 SONATA ARCTICA I Have A Right
05:19 BUDGIE Bored With Russia
05:15 MIDNIGHT OIL Blue Sky Mine
05:12 MOTLEY CRUE Saints Of Los Angeles
05:09 UFO Doctor Doctor
05:03 VAN HALEN Dreams
05:00 BATTLE BEAST No More Hollywood Endings
04:54 DREAM THEATER Paralyzed
04:46 SCORPIONS Still Loving You
04:44 OLYMPIC Když ti svítí zelená
04:41 LORDI Blood Red Sandman
04:36 Iggy POP The Passenger
04:32 KISS Reason To Live
04:26 AMORPHIS Silver Bride
04:23 CHEAP TRICK Perfect Stranger
04:18 TUBLATANKA Skúsime to cez vesmír
04:13 THE ANSWER Come Follow Me
04:09 SLADE My Oh, My
04:05 Tom PETTY Learning To Fly
04:02 SABATON Fields of Verdun
03:58 Vladimír MIŠÍK Špejchar blues
03:55 PULP Common People
03:50 REV THEORY Hell Yeah
03:47 NAZARETH Dream On
03:39 GARÁŽ Houby (Muchomůrky bílé)
03:34 POWERWOLF Armata Strigoi
03:27 BLACK SABBATH Iron Man
03:24 HEART Alone
03:21 VYPSANA FIXA Holka S Lebkou
03:17 STRATOVARIUS Father Time
03:12 HELLOWEEN World Of Fantasy
03:08 Ted NUGENT Dog Eat Dog
03:02 IRON MAIDEN Bring Your Daughter...
03:00 Patti SMITH Till Victory
02:56 METALLICA Hollier Than Thou
02:52 HARLEJ Tráva
02:47 THIN LIZZY The Boys Are Back In
02:39 COCOTTE MINUTE Punk off kha
02:37 JUDAS PRIEST Hell Bent For Leather
02:32 AC, DC Hard As A Rock
02:25 MONTROSE Rock the Nation
02:20 KING DIAMOND Abigail
02:15 Axel Rudi PELL Edge Of The World
02:09 STYX Mr. Roboto
02:05 SUICIDAL TENDECIES Monopoly On Sorrow
02:00 LINDEMANN Frau Und Mann
01:58 U2 Elevation
01:52 VIVA Break Out
01:47 ARAKAIN Brana Iluzi
01:44 CROBOT Not for Sale
01:41 KISS War Machine
01:35 GIANT Innocent Days
01:31 SUM 41 Fat Lip
01:27 CITRON Rock Rock Rock
01:26 MOONSPELL Opium
01:22 MÖTLEY CRÜE If I Die Tomorrow
01:18 DEEP PURPLE Back To Back
01:13 SABATON Bismarck
01:08 URIAH HEEP Sympathy
01:03 AEROSMITH Love In An Elevator
00:57 GREAT WHITE Once Bitten Twice Shy
00:53 FIFTH ANGEL Can You Hear Me
00:49 BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVE You Ain´t Seen Nothing Yet
00:44 DANGER DANGER Naughty Naughty
00:41 DOGA Lane Jdou
00:37 PINK FLOYD Another Brick In The Wall
00:32 RUNNING WILD Under Jolly Roger
00:26 QUEEN Seven Seas of Rhye
00:16 KURTIZANY Z 25 AVENUE V perinach
00:11 SAXON 747 (Strangers In The ..
00:08 NIRVANA You Know You´re Right
00:03 BATTLE BEAST Beyond the Burning Skies