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Playlist 10.04.2020

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Přibližný čas Kapela Skladba
04:46 DANKO JONES Just a Beautiful Day
04:43 WARLOCK Sign Of Satan
04:39 NELSON I Can´t Live Without You
04:34 TRAKTOR Mr. Zeppelin
04:29 DEEP PURPLE Black Night (95 version)
04:24 CASANOVA Iĺl Come Running
04:20 STEEL PANTHER Always Gonna Be a Ho
04:16 STATUS QUO Whatever You Want
04:12 AC, DC Misstress For Christmas
04:08 THE FERRYMEN No Matter How Hard We Fall
04:06 POLICE Can't StandLosing
04:02 RAMONES Pet Semetary
03:58 PEARL JAM I Am Mine
03:54 ACCEPT London Leatherboys
03:50 L.A. GUNS Slap In The Face
03:46 WALDA GANG Asi se mi stejská
03:43 KISS War Machine
03:37 MIDNIGHT OIL My Country
03:33 TESLA The Mission
03:28 EAGLES Heartache Tonight
03:23 METALLICA Wherever I May Roam
03:17 SALAMANDRA Ancient Echoes
03:11 UFO Rock Bottom
03:06 JUDAS PRIEST Private Property
03:03 OFFSPRING Why Don´t You To Get A Job
03:01 KORN Take Me
02:56 VANDENBERG Back On My Feet
02:51 RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS Under The Bridge
02:48 TREAT Roar
02:43 PRINCE Purple Rain
02:38 MOTORBAND Mše za vítězství
02:34 BILLY TALENT Fallen Leaves
02:32 QUEEN We Are The Champions
02:28 WHITESNAKE Love Ain't No Stranger
02:23 MÖTLEY CRÜE If I Die Tomorrow
02:17 SUICIDAL TENDECIES Monopoly On Sorrow
02:06 FLAMENGO Kuře v hodinkách
02:02 HELLOWEEN I´m Alive
01:56 OMEGA Gyongyhajú lány
01:52 RATT Body Talk
01:48 BOHEMIAN METAL RHAPSODY Vše ti můžu slíbit
01:41 JETHRO TULL Aqualung
01:35 DEEP PURPLE Perfect Strangers
01:31 AUDIOSLAVE Like A Stone
01:28 FASTWAY All I Need Is Your Love
01:23 ACCEPT Balls To The Wall
01:19 VYPSANÁ FIXA Samurajské meče
01:15 THIN LIZZY China Town
01:10 STRATOVARIUS Father Time
01:04 BATTLE BEAST Beyond the Burning Skies
01:00 ARAKAIN Hathor
00:57 POLICE Invisible Sun
00:50 AEROSMITH Livin´ On The Edge
00:46 KAMELOT Forever
00:41 SLADE My Oh, My
00:37 ALICE Pozdravuj máti
00:32 SONATA ARCTICA I Have A Right
00:28 KISS Sure Know Something
00:23 W.A.S.P. Forever Free
00:20 LORDI Blood Red Sandman
00:16 DEF LEPPARD Stand Up (Kick Love Into
00:13 KABÁT Na sever
00:09 ASIA Don´t Cry
00:05 PANTERA Cat Scratch Fever
00:00 ZZ TOP My Head´s In Mississippi